Dr Ashleigh Caplin

Dr. Ashleigh Caplin

Dr Ashleigh Caplin In Home Pet Euthanasia Raleigh

Originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Dr. Ashleigh Caplin moved to North Carolina in 2014. She completed her bachelor’s degree at Wellesley College before attending Tufts University to obtain her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, one of the Nation’s leading programs. Ashleigh started her career as a mobile veterinarian, traveling to patients’ homes for their general and emergency care.  Dr. Caplin feels strongly that end-of-life care is an important aspect of veterinary medicine and it is most comfortable and private for all family members in the pet’s natural setting.

Ashleigh grew up on a horse farm, which was also home to cats, dogs, chickens, and goats. On the farm Ashleigh was exposed to the illness and loss of multiple beloved companions, but the tragic loss of her beloved horse Brie hit her particularly hard. Brie was a young horse and suffered a freak accident in her stall where she broke her leg and the family veterinarian and farm manager recommended immediate euthanasia. Ashleigh was in school at the time and her parents had to make the difficult decision over the phone to end Brie’s suffering. The bereavement process was particularly difficult for Ashleigh since Brie was not able to be comforted by family members in her last moments and Ashleigh was never able to say goodbye to her best friend. Although this loss was harrowing and painful, it helped Dr. Caplin realize she wanted to devote her life to healing animals and alleviating their suffering. Through the use of a mobile veterinarian, most of Ashleigh’s pets and horses have been in the comfort of their own home surrounded by family and friends at their life’s end.  From this experience she knew that end-of-life care should be at home.  Dr. Caplin is able to provide this same service to her clients and patients as a team veterinarian for Dr. Azure Holland.

Ashleigh and her husband share their home with their two dogs, Chiquita, a “coconut retriever” and Jax, a labrador retriever. In her free time Ashleigh enjoys rock wall climbing, training for extreme obstacle course racing, painting, and horseback riding.

“Dr. Ashleigh was incredible. This was the most peaceful passing I have had with a pet. I truly appreciate Dr Ashleigh’s compassion and sensitivity. She made a very hard moment much easier.” A.W.

“I cannot thank Dr. Caplin enough for all she did for us. It made it a much easier process because she talked us through every step and never proceeded until we were ready.”


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