A Beautiful Goodbye – Max’s Story

Just recently I was asked to help a family say goodbye to their beloved pet on a Sunday morning. When I arrived at the home I walked up to the door and saw a little note attached that read “we are in the back yard.” I made my way around the front walk to the back and stood at the gate for a moment. What I came upon was this beautiful scene. Their beloved pet Max was laying in the sun on his blanket. Almost perfectly the rays of sun were just basking him and illuminating his fur. His family was encircling him and giving Max hugs and kisses. They shared with me some stories of how he came to be in the family on Christmas morning and of his glory days. I learned that Max loved playing and frolicking in the snow and hunting moles in the yard.  His four legged family was also there to say goodbye. There were three dogs who payed respect one on which even came over and left a ball for him next to his head.  Their family cat also said his goodbyes and sat next to Max and the family while he took his last breaths. Max passed away very peacefully with the love of the entire family close by. This was one lucky dog who will always be remembered for the 19 years of love he gave to the Kidd family.