Bruno 2005-2010

Bruno, our Boxer was such an amazing dog. He was the first dog I have ever owned. I remember seeing him for the first time when he was just 8 weeks old. He wiggled his little Boxer nub and instantly became my companion. Bruno was my sidekick. He was there for me through my first major break up, to finding a career, living on my own to finding the man of my dreams. Bruno took care of me. Bruno unfortunately at 5 years of age was diagnosed with cancer, T-cell lymphoma. Chemotherapy was useless with this type of cancer. My world shattered. I didnt want to lose him in my life. I kept him comfortable as the cancer progressed. I slowly saw my sweet puppy look older and sick. It broke my heart. Three months after his diagnosis, I decided to let him go before he lost his dignity. My husband and I invited all those close to Bruno and who loved him dearly. Everyone came to our house and said their goodbyes to my sweet boy. It was so comforting to have everyone at our house and with Bruno in his favoritve place in our livingroom. We let him go and it was so peaceful. My husband whispered in Bruno’s ear before he passed and told Bruno “I will take care of mommy now, thanks Buddy for being there for her before I met her.” I will always cherish my sweet boy. I am so grateful to have our last moments with Bruno at our home. Nicole and Aldo