A Very Personal Decision – Bran’s Story

I have been in private practice for five years and last year started a house call service to help families with end of life care for their pets. Over the past three years I have been lucky enough to help an older gentleman Mr. Crosson and his companion Bran. I met Bran on my second day at work and we became fast friends. She always looked forward to coming in to see me. Maybe it was the excitement in my voice, the belly rubs she received, or the many treats I gave her. She, I and Mr. Crosson have been through a lot in the past few years and have developed a special friendship. She has been diagnosed with multiple conditions and has stayed happy and healthy with the care and love of her pet parent up until very recently. Everything changed when Bran had a seizure episode last week. Over the past week Bran’s condition has been ever changing which has caused moments of extreme happiness and those with tears. Their were times when Mr. Crosson was ready to let her go, but wanted to give her just one more night to see if her condition would improve. Mr. Crosson and I have been talking daily about Bran’s condition and quality of life.  I’ve realized through talking with him that I love Bran just about as much as he does. I’m finding that making a decision about when it’s time has become very personal in this case. I want the best for Bran, Mr. Crosson. I know that he and I together will make the best and most loving decision for Bran when it’s time. Until that day comes Bran is going to have every opportunity to live life to its fullest with Mr. Crosson by her side.

I have walked many families through the process of deciding when it’s time to say goodbye to their beloved pet. I truly understand what my clients face when it comes to end of life care and decisions for your pet. My mobile vet practice is solely devoted to helping with the end of life transition. I’m available for free phone consultations to discuss the specific needs of your companion and to discuss your emotions as well.  I have been trained in pet loss guidance and I provide home euthanasia in Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, and Durham.

Here is a picture of Bran, Mr. Crosson, Jo Ann and myself this past Halloween.