Dr Abby Lang

Dr. Abby Lang

Dr. Abby Lang was born and raised in the Great Lakes region of Pennsylvania, where she played sports and was introduced to the world of veterinary medicine by several caring mentors. She earned her bachelor of science in biology from Virginia Tech, and stayed in Blacksburg, Virginia to continue her education. In 2015, she graduated from Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. While in school, Dr. Lang developed a love for canine behavior and training, as well as complementary medicine. She joined a general private practice in rural West Virginia after graduation, then moved to North Carolina in 2016 with her husband and continued on in general practice. She currently offers veterinary relief services to both general practices as well as emergency facilities throughout the Triangle.

Dr. Lang has always viewed end of life care as one of the most important aspects of veterinary medicine and strives to make a connection with each family. Trust is paramount in the euthanasia process, and Dr. Lang had to place hers in her mentors hundreds of miles away when her childhood dog, Teddy, suddenly lost the ability to walk while she was in her final year of veterinary school. She knew that the veterinarian was kind, patient, compassionate, and had Teddy Bear’s best interest at heart. She also knew that the Doctor would guide her family through the process that would release Teddy from his suffering. While she was heartbroken that she could not be there for her family or her big lumpy brown Teddy Bear, she had comfort knowing that her and her family and baby were being treated with love and respect. Dr. Lang wishes the same for each family she has helps through the euthanasia process. 

Durham is where Dr. Lang calls home now with her husband, two dogs—Hokie and Iko, and numerous pond goldfish. She hopes one day to add chickens to that list. In her spare time, Dr. Lang enjoys gardening, horseback riding, volunteering at a therapeutic riding center, hiking, training her dogs, and crafting/sewing. She hopes to do some traveling and see more of all the wonderful things the state of North Carolina has to offer.

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