Dr Janelle Fenlason

Dr. Janelle Fenlason

Dog Euthanasian in-home Raleigh NC

Dr. Fenlason grew up in Europe as an ARMY brat. Her family moved back to the United States and she finished high school in Northern Virginia. From there she went to attend Wilson College in Chambersburg, PA. She then accepted an opening in St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine in Grenada where she did a dual program that helped her attain her Master’s in Public Health while studying for her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Fenlason did her last year of veterinary school at North Carolina State School of Veterinary Medicine.

Janelle always wanted a dog growing up and this happened once they returned to the United States. Her family adopted a Labrador Retriever mix named Indiana who immediately filled their hearts and home. After several years when it was time to relieve him of his suffering from bone cancer, Dr. Fenlason asked her veterinarian to come to their home since Indy was always very nervous and anxious at the hospital. She was very fortunate to be able to make the last moments peaceful and not rushed by the everyday happenings of a hospital. From that day Dr. Fenlason wanted to make the hardest part of sharing a life with our four-legged friends as peaceful and loving as possible.

Dr. Fenlason commits her time to pet parents’ knowledge and understanding of what is going on with their ‘friend’ and provides a service that she would expect for her four-legged children. Never hesitate to ask questions and let your concerns and ideas known. She wants to make the last moments with your beloved friend as memorable and with less stress as possible.

Janelle and her husband have two children, Priscilla and Garreth and two four-legged children, Jack the Rottweiler mix and Medulla the opinionated kitty. Janelle enjoys spending time with her family, reading and meeting new people.

Dr. Fenlason is an angel. She came to our home today to help put out dog to rest. All of her communication prior to the appointment was prompt and professional and was done with immense compassion with consideration to our feelings and concerns. She was able to guide us through a painful process when we weren’t sure of what to do. Her softspoken and kind demeanor was just what we all needed. I cannot say enough about her service.”

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