Dr. Burns, When it was time for my beloved Maine coon cat, Timmy, to cross the Rainbow Bridge, I contacted Azure Holland Vet Service. From the moment I met Dr. Hannah Burns, I knew she was the perfect choice to help Timmy and me through this very difficult time. Because Timmy was extremely thin and fragile, Dr. Hannah demonstrated her expertise in knowing exactly where and how to place the injection and IV tube so that Timmy's passing was very, very peaceful. I am so grateful for Dr. Hannah's knowledge, empathy and compassion. With gratitude and appreciation,Candace Manning Barringer – Fuquay-Varina, NC

Dear Dr. Azure, We want to thank you for your compassion with our family during the procedure and Rocky’s moment of peace. We appreciate everything you did for us and for Rocky. We miss him terribly. The box you gifted us with his ashes is beautiful as he was. We love the paw prints which we will treasure forever. Amadeo is already reading the book. We won’t forget this. Thank you again for everything you did, your kindness and help during the transition. It means a lot to us. With love, The Pulley Family Amadeo, Gina, Kristen, Brendan & Sky

Azure Holland not only helps you say goodbye to your loving pet, but also provides counseling before and after. When our precious 13 year old lab, Hugger, began to display strange behaviors, we were beside ourselves. She was already suffering from arthritis, which we expeced, not the strange behaviors. We consulted with her vet and struggled with her quality of life. We were on a daily roller coaster ride. Then we called Azure Holland and scheduled a consultation with Dr. Ashleigh. She was compassionate, caring, understanding; an answer to our prayers. Although she couldn't tell us what to do, she gave us an evaluation guide that helped us assess Hugger's quality of life. For the next seven months we evaluated her and knew when it was time to say goodbye. Once again we called Azure Holland. Dr. Azure came and with great caompassion, care, and love lit a candle and helped us say goodbye to our sweet girl. We can't say enough about these amazing doctors and the services they provide. They are not only there for your pet but to help you through this extremely difficult time before, during, and after you say goodbye. L.L.

Saying goodbye to our chihuahua, Reyna, was one of the hardest moments our life together. My husband and I do not have kids so Reyna was our baby. When we were faced with the decision to give Reyna some peace, Dr. Holland provided us with so much comfort and support. From the initial,very difficult phone call, to the very last moment we were with Renya, Dr. Holland was just amazing. The opportunity to say goodbye to Reyna in our home, on her bed, was such a gift and we are so grateful to Dr. Holland for helping us through the process. She spent time getting to know us and Reyna, she explained everything in as much detail as we asked for, and she made sure that we had as much time as we needed with Reyna before we said goodbye. And when I met Dr. Holland a few days later to pick up Reyna's ashes, she spent even more time with me. Thank you Dr. Holland for helping us through such a sad time. We can't thank you enough. Thank you again Azure. You made such a difference for Paul and I and the way we got to say goodbye. Take care! E.S.

I cannot thank Dr. Caplin enough for all she did for us. Saying goodbye to my Stella was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do, but she treated us & Stella with the utmost care, love and sincere concern. It made it a much easier process because she talked us through every step and never proceeded until we were ready. She gave us private times when we needed it, and even lit a candle at the end for our baby.  Little things she did meant so much.  Having the option to have Stella be at home in her own environment was so comforting & for all of these things I would recommend you to anyone who ever has to make this sad & painful decision for their baby. I also found the quality of life tool so very helpful as it gave us a true realistic view of her situation. Thank you so much!L.W.

Azure’s extraordinary services made a difficult time easier for our family. She handled the initial consultation and scheduling with a great amount of care, making us comfortable with the process. During her time with our pet, Azure was endlessly patient and offered every opportunity for us to understand and handle the process at our own pace. With respect to the follow-up aspect of her services, Azure continued to be very caring, detail-oriented, and understanding. Azure is very connected to the importance of her services and their meaning to our family. I would strongly recommend Azure to any family with similar needs.DL & NL

On behalf of our family, thank you for your compassion and care during the final moments with our beloved Clutch. You brought a sense of comfort during one of the hardest moments any person can experience. Clutch was our child, our friend, and one of the great loves of our life. His passing in his own home surrounded by his Mom and Dad brought all of us peace. Upon waking the next morning, his physical presence was missed…but his spiritual presence still surrounds us. Walking into the kitchen the morning after, a decorative butterfly on the glass window laid on the floor. Clutch's brother Throttle watched something in the kitchen move from the pantry to the refrigerator–Clutch's favorite spot! And I heard my friend's meow. While we desperately miss him, we know he is in a better place and still watching over us. For you, we are forever thankful. You helped make his transition to his next place a beautiful one. With love,Julia, Mike, & Throttle

First off let me begin by saying that putting a pet down under any circumstance is one of the most heart wrenching decisions a person has to make. My Rottweiler, Lucas, was the closest thing to me. I do not have a family so he truly was my best friend and my baby. He was diagnosed with Bone Cancer at 11 years old and although the vet gave him a few weeks, he fought hard for 3 months. When it came time to make this decision I did some research online, and this is where I found Dr. Azure Holland’s Mobile Veterinary Service. I wasn’t convinced or sure how this process would work or even if it would work for me, but after about 5 minutes on the phone with Dr. Holland I knew that this is the best way for Lucas to go. Dr. Holland was so compassionate and was not quick to say the right choice was to put Lucas down. After taking the time to speak with me she knew I wasn’t ready and she felt like he wasn’t either. That gave me a little more time to prepare myself and she really made me feel confident that I was doing the right thing. About a week later it was time, and through out this week I contacted Dr. Holland and she always took time with me and explained everything that was going on. After a very difficult morning I knew it was time to put him down, the thought of him going through it one more day was heart breaking. Although Dr. Holland had worked all day she came straight to my house and from there is when the presence of Dr. Holland made all the difference in the world. Dr. Holland came in with out any equipment, met all my other dogs and immediately laid with Lucas comforting him and getting to know him. Lucas spent the majority of the time with his head laying on Dr. Hollands lap. This was a strange occurrence because usually with strangers it took him a while to feel safe but it was immediate with Dr. Holland. We told stories, we talked about Dr. Holland’s family and by the end of the night I felt as though she was now a part of my family. When it was tA.M.