Azure Holland not only helps you say goodbye to your loving pet, but also provides counseling before and after. When our precious 13 year old lab, Hugger, began to display strange behaviors, we were beside ourselves. She was already suffering from arthritis, which we expeced, not the strange behaviors. We consulted with her vet and struggled with her quality of life. We were on a daily roller coaster ride. Then we called Azure Holland and scheduled a consultation with Dr. Ashleigh. She was compassionate, caring, understanding; an answer to our prayers. Although she couldn’t tell us what to do, she gave us an evaluation guide that helped us assess Hugger’s quality of life. For the next seven months we evaluated her and knew when it was time to say goodbye. Once again we called Azure Holland. Dr. Azure came and with great caompassion, care, and love lit a candle and helped us say goodbye to our sweet girl. We can’t say enough about these amazing doctors and the services they provide. They are not only there for your pet but to help you through this extremely difficult time before, during, and after you say goodbye.