Pet Memorials


Lulu 2004-2014

Lulu came to us as a puppy, full of energy and wiggly love. We were privileged to live with her for almost 11 years. During our time together, she totally filled our lives and was a constant friend and companion. And a bed hog. We lovingly refer to her as “The Princess,” because she so … Continue reading “Lulu 2004-2014”

Memorial For Mantis 1994-2010

You were my cherished study buddy, snuggle buddy and best friend.  You will always remain in my heart and be so loved and missed until we meet again.  Azure

Lucky 1998-2014

Into the arms of Our Creator you went, you were always my “Lucky” star heaven sent. I cherish our time we spent together, no one could have loved you better. It will take time to heal – for the grief to fade away, but I will miss you everyday. You were such a wonderful part … Continue reading “Lucky 1998-2014”

Peyton 2005-2012

I will never forget the day in 2005 when I brought Peyton home for the first time.  He was only nine weeks old and was so unbelievably cute!  It was like having a baby – he needed constant attention, which wasn’t hard to give as I fell in love with him immediately.  Everyone else fell … Continue reading “Peyton 2005-2012”

Bruno 2005-2010

Bruno, our Boxer was such an amazing dog. He was the first dog I have ever owned. I remember seeing him for the first time when he was just 8 weeks old. He wiggled his little Boxer nub and instantly became my companion. Bruno was my sidekick. He was there for me through my first … Continue reading “Bruno 2005-2010”


I adopted Abigail (Abby) from the Wake County Animal Shelter on July 5th, 2010.  She was black as midnight and had the most beautiful green eyes that would have made any emerald jealous.  She came to me at a time that I was really depressed and lonely.  I had been through a 10-year relationship that … Continue reading “Abby”

Venus 1996-2008

Venus was a gem of gems and always aimed to please.  Her greatest times were loading up in the Expedition to make the trip to the beach.  The boat ride to Bear Island, the swim in the salt water and as you can see in the picture her fair share of pizza.  She will always be missed and … Continue reading “Venus 1996-2008”

August 2009-2009

August left us too early but during his short time on this earth, he was the best companion anyone could ever ask for and was there when I needed him the most.  A one of a kind dog with a wondering spirit.  You will be forever missed.  Ben

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