I adopted Abigail (Abby) from the Wake County Animal Shelter on July 5th, 2010.  She was black as midnight and had the most beautiful green eyes that would have made any emerald jealous.  She came to me at a time that I was really depressed and lonely.  I had been through a 10-year relationship that had become pretty rough.  My heart was hard and I couldn’t see myself loving anything again.  I was watching TV and heard about a July 4th Adopt-a-thon with the Wake Co Animal Shelter and thought that I would just go over there and play with the animals for a while.  Well, that idea lasted for about 10 minutes after I got there.  I found Abby and decided I wanted to take her home but she had just had kittens and had to be spayed before I could get her.  I told them I would be back the next day and left to go to Walmart and purchase all of the animal supplies I knew she would need.
When I showed up the next day, they let me adopt her and we went home together.  Her first night at her forever home was priceless……she hid for a while, then got curious and investigated every inch of the house and when I came out of the bathroom from getting ready for bed, there she was, on top of the bed waiting for me to get in.  She slept on the pillow beside me and became the best companion I had in over 13 years.
On November 8th, 2010, I came home from work and found Abby dead on the couch where we would sit at night.  I was devastated!  Dr. Holland told me that she suspected some type of hemorrhage or aneurysm.  I grieved for her all night, laid her rest in the back yard under a tree, and was back at the animal shelter by 1:00 that day.  I simply couldn’t stand it being so quite in the house.  Abby was always playing with bells and balls and without her, the silence was deafening.  There, I found my second forever kitty….Belle.  Belle was quickly re-named Anastasiya (meaning “resurrection” in Greek) and Zhanna (meaning “God is good” in Hebrew).  Abby had opened my heart up and let me know it was ok to love again and paved the way for me to be able to get another companion once she was gone.