Dear Azure, Thank you for bringing Nya’s ashes by on Friday. The packaging was so nicely done and the card was so nice. We appreciate the extra touches, it really makes a difference when you are going through something like this, as it helps to ease the pain just a little. It is so nice to have Nya home and we will cherish that box and the paw print forever. Thanks for everything.K.W.

Dear Dr. Holland, Words can not begin to express our appreciation and gratitude for allowing our family the loving and peaceful passing that our wonderful Lucky deserved. Your compassion and thoughtfulness was such a blessing, even Bailey was calmed by your presence. Thank you for leaving a candle in his remembrance, it helped me recall the significance of an “eternal flame” and of all the love and memories we have to cherish forever in our hearts. God Bless,R.L.

I wanted to let you know that only last night were we able to open the box you sent with Scout’s paw prints. This has been much more painful that we anticipated, but we are slowly making it back. It’ll help to have much of our family at our house for Christmas, although Scout will be missed deeply. Your package, and his prints, were beautiful; we will cherish these forever. Thank you so much for the way you took care of our Scout. It really meant a lot to us during one of the saddest days of our lives. We loved him so much, and are so sad that he no longer is with us, but he suffered so much and he needed peace.J.Y.

The bag you brought us is so sweet. Everything you have done related to Laurel’s passing has been dignified and first class. We will certainly pass your name along when anyone we know is facing a similar decision. All of your personal touches have not gone unnoticed-it really makes a difference. Many thanks :)R.D.

We were fortunate to meet Dr. Holland several years ago when she joined the veterinary practice we had been using. It soon became obvious that she was a highly skilled and extremely competent veterinarian. We entrusted the veterinary care of our lifelong friend, companion and family member, Bran. This was an excellent decision both for Bran and us. In addition to being a skilled professional She has excellent communications skills and thoroughly explains your pet’s condition and treatment. Dr. Holland is a caring and compassionate healer and person. She always has the best interests of her patient, your pet, at heart. As Bran aged we had to deal with more complex health issues, Dr. Holland provided skillful analysis diagnosis and treatment plans. Her care, personal attention and professional treatment were responsible for providing Bran with a full, wholesome and enjoyable life for the balance of her 15 years. When the time came for Bran to move on, as her health condition was impacting her quality of life Dr. Holland was there to provide compassionate care, understanding and advice as she employed her skills to assist an old and loving friend make the transition in a serene and peaceful manner. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Holland for all she has done over the years for Bran, Peggy and myself. I would be pleased and proud to recommend Dr. Holland to anyone. She is a rare find.Jack C. – Knightdale, NC

When it came time to make the most difficult decision any pet owner has to make we were truly blessed that Dr. Azure Holland’s Mobile Veterinary Services allowed us to say good-bye to our beloved family member in a familiar and loving environment. Throughout all of our communications Dr. Holland always responded to our concerns and questions with the utmost compassion and professionalism. From the moment Dr. Holland arrived at our home she immediately made us feel at ease. There was never a sense of urgency, only the comforting reassurance and guidance we so desperately needed; even our normally rambunctious younger Lab accepted her presence with calm affection. While we spent our time saying tearful good-byes Dr. Holland was very thoughtful by offering us privacy if we wanted to mourn our loss as a family. We will always be grateful to Dr. Holland that our beloved Lucky left this life in peace, surrounded by his loving family in a place he knew as home. He was a wonderful part of our family and Dr. Holland always showed him the compassion, gentleness and respect he deserved. We would encourage any "pet parent" who is seeking mobile medical care or end of life services to contact Dr. Azure Holland. She will personally take care of your beloved pet as if they were her own.R. Lewis

Good morning I wanted to take a minute to thank you and your organization for bringing as much comfort to us during a very difficult time. We had to make that very difficult decision a week ago, Jan 14th and called Dr. Holland and even though Dr. Holland couldn’t make it to us that day Dr. Plowman did. Anna was very quick to call and arrive at our house. She was comforting every way possible and left a book regarding the grieving process. Our Shaggy was returned yesterday with a very loving note from Anna, a very nice urn, her paw print and more help on the grieving process. We weren’t able to be home at the time Anna came but wanted to extend our most heartfelt thanks to her & to you for offering such a service for our beloved companions. Thank youT & C C

It has taken a long time for me to be able to think about my baby boy Franklin without breaking down and crying, but now I can and wanted to send you my deepest thanks for everything you did for us. Your compassion, understanding, kindness and empathy are unsurpassed. Because of you, Franklin and I were able to stay together as long as possible and he could pass peacefully in his own home and in his favorite place in the whole world – my lap. I loved him more than anything in this world and miss him so very much, but we will meet again.L.E.