First off let me begin by saying that putting a pet down under any circumstance is one of the most heart wrenching decisions a person has to make. My Rottweiler, Lucas, was the closest thing to me. I do not have a family so he truly was my best friend and my baby. He was diagnosed with Bone Cancer at 11 years old and although the vet gave him a few weeks, he fought hard for 3 months. When it came time to make this decision I did some research online, and this is where I found Dr. Azure Holland’s Mobile Veterinary Service. I wasn’t convinced or sure how this process would work or even if it would work for me, but after about 5 minutes on the phone with Dr. Holland I knew that this is the best way for Lucas to go. Dr. Holland was so compassionate and was not quick to say the right choice was to put Lucas down. After taking the time to speak with me she knew I wasn’t ready and she felt like he wasn’t either. That gave me a little more time to prepare myself and she really made me feel confident that I was doing the right thing. About a week later it was time, and through out this week I contacted Dr. Holland and she always took time with me and explained everything that was going on. After a very difficult morning I knew it was time to put him down, the thought of him going through it one more day was heart breaking. Although Dr. Holland had worked all day she came straight to my house and from there is when the presence of Dr. Holland made all the difference in the world. Dr. Holland came in with out any equipment, met all my other dogs and immediately laid with Lucas comforting him and getting to know him. Lucas spent the majority of the time with his head laying on Dr. Hollands lap. This was a strange occurrence because usually with strangers it took him a while to feel safe but it was immediate with Dr. Holland. We told stories, we talked about Dr. Holland’s family and by the end of the night I felt as though she was now a part of my family. When it was time she let me be alone with Lucas for as much time as I needed. After it was all over with and my best friend was gone, I thought the hardest part was when I had to hand him over to Dr. Holland, but to be honest I knew he was safe and in good hands. I never once doubted Dr. Holland, or even doubted if I made the right decision. After this experience I will never take my dog to the vet, a place that they already aren’t fans of, to put them down. Dr. Holland was an angel God sent to take my baby away in the most peaceful way possible. Words will never describe what she has done for me. I strongly encourage anyone who is going through this difficult time to contact Dr. Holland. After a phone call you too will be convinced.