Jack C. – Knightdale, NC

We were fortunate to meet Dr. Holland several years ago when she joined the veterinary practice we had been using. It soon became obvious that she was a highly skilled and extremely competent veterinarian. We entrusted the veterinary care of our lifelong friend, companion and family member, Bran. This was an excellent decision both for Bran and us. In addition to being a skilled professional She has excellent communications skills and thoroughly explains your pet’s condition and treatment. Dr. Holland is a caring and compassionate healer and person. She always has the best interests of her patient, your pet, at heart. As Bran aged we had to deal with more complex health issues, Dr. Holland provided skillful analysis diagnosis and treatment plans. Her care, personal attention and professional treatment were responsible for providing Bran with a full, wholesome and enjoyable life for the balance of her 15 years. When the time came for Bran to move on, as her health condition was impacting her quality of life Dr. Holland was there to provide compassionate care, understanding and advice as she employed her skills to assist an old and loving friend make the transition in a serene and peaceful manner. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Holland for all she has done over the years for Bran, Peggy and myself. I would be pleased and proud to recommend Dr. Holland to anyone. She is a rare find.