Julia, Mike, & Throttle

On behalf of our family, thank you for your compassion and care during the final moments with our beloved Clutch. You brought a sense of comfort during one of the hardest moments any person can experience. Clutch was our child, our friend, and one of the great loves of our life. His passing in his own home surrounded by his Mom and Dad brought all of us peace. Upon waking the next morning, his physical presence was missed…but his spiritual presence still surrounds us. Walking into the kitchen the morning after, a decorative butterfly on the glass window laid on the floor. Clutch’s brother Throttle watched something in the kitchen move from the pantry to the refrigerator–Clutch’s favorite spot! And I heard my friend’s meow. While we desperately miss him, we know he is in a better place and still watching over us. For you, we are forever thankful. You helped make his transition to his next place a beautiful one.
With love,