Saying goodbye to our chihuahua, Reyna, was one of the hardest moments our life together. My husband and I do not have kids so Reyna was our baby. When we were faced with the decision to give Reyna some peace, Dr. Holland provided us with so much comfort and support. From the initial,very difficult phone call, to the very last moment we were with Renya, Dr. Holland was just amazing. The opportunity to say goodbye to Reyna in our home, on her bed, was such a gift and we are so grateful to Dr. Holland for helping us through the process. She spent time getting to know us and Reyna, she explained everything in as much detail as we asked for, and she made sure that we had as much time as we needed with Reyna before we said goodbye. And when I met Dr. Holland a few days later to pick up Reyna’s ashes, she spent even more time with me. Thank you Dr. Holland for helping us through such a sad time. We can’t thank you enough.

Thank you again Azure. You made such a difference for Paul and I and the way we got to say goodbye.

Take care!