R. Lewis

When it came time to make the most difficult decision any pet owner has to make we were truly blessed that Dr. Azure Holland’s Mobile Veterinary Services allowed us to say good-bye to our beloved family member in a familiar and loving environment. Throughout all of our communications Dr. Holland always responded to our concerns and questions with the utmost compassion and professionalism. From the moment Dr. Holland arrived at our home she immediately made us feel at ease. There was never a sense of urgency, only the comforting reassurance and guidance we so desperately needed; even our normally rambunctious younger Lab accepted her presence with calm affection. While we spent our time saying tearful good-byes Dr. Holland was very thoughtful by offering us privacy if we wanted to mourn our loss as a family.

We will always be grateful to Dr. Holland that our beloved Lucky left this life in peace, surrounded by his loving family in a place he knew as home. He was a wonderful part of our family and Dr. Holland always showed him the compassion, gentleness and respect he deserved. We would encourage any “pet parent” who is seeking mobile medical care or end of life services to contact Dr. Azure Holland. She will personally take care of your beloved pet as if they were her own.