Pecan Pie’s Favorite Places 2015!

The year 2015 is nearing an end, and it’s been a purrfectly fantastic one! My parents have taken me on several trips across this great state of North Carolina; on sandy beaches, in star-spangled parades and of course at our beloved snowy mountains.

boat (2) parade mountain

As I reflect back on all of the great things this year, I’m grateful for some of the wonderful places here in Raleigh that have treated me and some of my best pup friends here in the capital city. I wanted to take a moment to share with all of you a pawful of my FAVORITE PLACES IN 2015!

Favorite specialty pet store – Unleashed, The Dog & Cat Store

This locally owned store has a superb selection of some of my favorite treats, toys, food and other essentials to keep me one happy kitty. The staff provides excellent customer service and attention, and I love that there is a great selection of all-natural products. The best part is that all my local furry friends can find an Unleashed store near them because there are five of these stores here in Raleigh!


Favorite Daycare/BoardingDog Diggity Daycare & Boarding

Pups and kitties alike are purrfectly pampered at Dog Diggity Daycare. The staff is warm and friendly and my pup friends can also be treated with additional specialty services at the Diggity Day Spaw. Did someone say blueberry facial?? Yum!! Plus if my parents are feeling extra meowtastic, sometimes I’m treated to one of their delicious custom-made cakes from the Shaggy Chic Boutique. But the best part of Dog Diggity is their amazingly adorable Facebook page!


Favorite place to snag that extra-special treat Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming

As soon as I saunter into this friendly neighborhood-style store, I am enveloped in the sweet scents of freshly baked pet treats. And even though there are locations in Raleigh, Cary, Wakefield and Fayetteville, this boutique bakery and grooming store doesn’t lose that unique one-of-kind feel. Note to self: Put a homemade treat from Woof Gang Bakery on my Christmas list this year. ME-OW!


Because my best furry friends mention so many other wonderful places here in Raleigh, I had to add an Honorable Mention category to my list this year!


Honorable Mentions


Phydeaux Pet Store – Another meowtastic specialty pet store with three locations in the Triangle. This locally owned boutique store has a large selection of quality products all my friends love and can’t find in typical big-box stores.


Pups Day Out

Perhaps the friendliest pet staff in town! You can feel the love as soon as you step in the door at this daycare, boarding and grooming facility. Plus they keep their daycare pups in a large play area behind the front desk so the staff can spend as much time with them as possible. My best pup friends say this place is wooftastic!


Upon thinking about all of the places I’ve loved visiting this year I couldn’t help but think of some of the fun events I’ve had the pleasure attending this year as well. So I thought why not add a Favorite Events category too?


Favorite Event of the YearDown by The Tracks Block Party benefiting the SPCA of Wake County

tracks (2)

In its 14th year, this annual dog- and cat-friendly autumn block party takes place at the Shops at Seaboard Station. Many pet parents and their furry loved ones stroll through Seaboard Station while listening to live music, visiting pet specialty vendor booths, nosh on food from local food trucks, participate in pet costume contests and mingle with other pet families. A great social event for pet lovers. The best part was that I made lots of new friends at this party! It was meowderful!


As I ponder this year and think about all the sweet treats I’ve received from some of these fantastic places I listed, I realized it’s time to think about my 2016 Meow Year’s resolution. According to my canine friends, there are some great pet-friendly charity walks and runs benefiting some wonderful local pet organizations Raleigh. I decided to pick the K9 3K Dog Walk & Senior Dog 1/2K and the IronDog 5K to train for in 2016!


Both races will be held in April, and the K9 3K Dog Walk is coined as the “largest dog-friendly event in North Carolina.” It boasts over 4,000 walkers and runners and more than 1,000 pets participating in the race. The IronDog 5K raises money for animals whose owners cannot afford their veterinary medical care through the N.C. State Veterinary Hospital Fund. They both sound like purrfect events to support and attend in 2016! I can’t wait!



Ah, what a wonderful fur-filled year it’s been, full of adventurous places and special moments. As I wrap up thinking about my favorite places in 2015, I’ll have to admit my absolute furravorite place to be is right by my Christmas tree, adoring all its beauty this time of year…and perhaps giving an ornament or two a playful nudge. A cat’s gotta play, right? 😉


Happy Holidays!


Dr. Holland and Pecan Pie


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Pecan Pie’s Valentine Advice

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I’m still trying to decide what to get for my Meowmie. I already let her pet me, feed me and clean my litter box but with Valentine’s Day I’d like to show her just what a purrfect Meowmie she is.

Chocolate would make a great present, but sadly for me I won’t be able to sample and share in it’s delight. Chocolates contain substances called methylxanthines that can cause diarrhea, vomiting, abnormal heart rhythms and seizures in cats and dogs. I don’t know about the rest of my fluffy friends out there but I’d rather avoid chocolate all together

My next idea is a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Roses are safe for me and the rest of my furry friends, so don’t worry about those. Stay away from Lilies, they are bad news for all my four legged friends. So instead of sleeping on the laptop today, I will go ahead and use it to order all these treats, everyone have a safe Valentin’s Day!

Pecan Pie with help from Dr. Azure Holland

Pecan Pie’s Tips for Surviving the Holidays. Literally.

This time of the year more than most I hear a lot of my friends having to make unnecessary trips to the Vet’s office which is not a fun place most of the time, however, since my Meowmie works there, I don’t mind visiting.

The tree is a lot of fun and many friends have had trouble keeping away from those light cords. I have asked my parents to unplug the cord just to be safe while they are out.

 My Meowmie tells me that during the holidays she sees more ingested items such as ornaments, parts of presents and other decorations which can lead sick pets and expensive treatments and surgeries. To keep me safe she doesn’t put anything ingestible on or under the tree. 

 I personally love this time of the year most for new food items to sample, but I am told they are not good for me and that I need to stick to my cat food.  Human food can be high in sugar, salt and fats and can lead to tummy aches, diarrhea and pancreatitis. My Meowmie knows that I’m happiest when I’m feeling well.

 So stay safe out there, and resist all efforts to be put in a costume!  As you can see I have not been successful.

By Pecan Pie (with interpretation from my Meowmie Dr. Holland)