When is Pet Hospice Right for my Pet

I get asked about pet hospice when I meet with families so I hope to help explain a little more.  Pet hospice is often thought of in the same way we think of human hospice, that is, to provide comfort during the final phases or our animal’s life.  When I help families with pet hospice in Raleigh, I am meeting with them and their pet and assessing the current care needs to provide comfort.   Some families are not ready to say good bye yet or wish for the pet to pass over the rainbow bridge naturally.  I will provide a short term care plan that may include fluids or pain management medications.  I will also spend time with the family and instruct them on what to expect during this time and the different ways they can make their pet more comfortable.  Pet hospice is also about education so that my families will understand the process and what they can do at home.  I offer complimentary phone consultations if you would like to discuss your concerns about your pet with me.