Is Home Euthanasia service more expensive than using my vet at the hospital?

I regularly get asked this question, I wanted to address it on my blog knowing that it is a sensitive topic. I practice at both an animal hospital and my mobile service that offers home euthanasia for dogs and cats in Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas.  I feel that both of my unique work experiences gives me good insight on this issue.

My house call visits typically last on average around 2 hours. This can vary depending on a few variables including how much the pet parents and I talk and the overall experience that the family is wanting. I am trained in pet loss guidance and I like to spend the first part of the visit just talking and getting to know the pet and the pet parents as well as going over the procedure in detail and answering any questions. My goal is to have the family feel as comfortable as possible. With my mobile veterinary service I never overbook myself. When I show up to help a family I am 100% focused on their needs and the needs of the pet. If the family chooses to, I also take care of all the aftercare arrangements including meeting with the crematorium provider and bringing the ashes back to the family in person.

Hospitals are busy places and typically the clinician is handling multiple cases and has much less time to meet with the families and discuss the procedure or offer pet loss guidance. I know from speaking with families who decided to say goodbye to their beloved pet in hospitals that they often felt rushed to say goodbye and wished they had chosen a more intimate setting.  I know from the experience of working in both my practices that home euthanasia is not for everyone, just as saying goodbye within a hospital setting is not for everyone. Cost does play a role in whether some families decided to say goodbye to their pets at home.  I’m proud to offer a compassionate alternative to pet parents so they have more choices when it  is time to say goodbye.  I offer free phone consultations so that you may give me a call and discuss my services to determine if it is right for your family.