My Pet has been given a terminal diagnosis, What do I do Now?

The process that a family goes through to reach the decision of euthanasia for a beloved family pet can be one of the toughest things they ever have to go through. What can make the decision even harder is knowing your pet has a terminal diagnosis and seeing that he or she seems fine today. Depending on the terminal diagnosis, many pets can quickly end up in an emergency situation that may be painful or extremely stressful on the pet and pet parent. Having your veterinarian provide you with as much information as possible about the diagnosis and what to expect in a timeline format can help families prepare for the ultimate loving decision of euthanasia.

So how do my families decide what to do? This decision is personal and every individual approaches and deals with death differently. I always recommend to pet parents to envision how they want to say goodbye. I’ve come to people’s homes where the pet is still doing fairly well and the family was able to take the pet on a final walk, take some pictures, and feed a special meal. In these situations the families saw the appointment as a celebration of life and they wanted saying goodbye to be on a very uplifting experience. Other families that I have helped wait until their is a downward change in the quality of life of their pet such as the pet not eating or walking. There is not a wrong answer, just what feels right in your heart. I would encourage you to call me if you are having trouble with this decision as I always offer free phone consultations and will spend as much time as necessary talking with you about your pet’s situation. I am honored to help pets and families with these difficult choices. My mobile practice covers the triangle and I am here to assist families and pets in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham, Cary and surrounding areas. In my experience as a veterinarian, home euthanasia offers a very loving alternative to brining your pet into a hospital. It also offers a more private and stress free environment for the pet and pet parent.