Why Home Euthanasia for Your Pet?

Being in private practice at a local Raleigh Animal Hospital and offering house calls for in home pet euthanasia, I believe I have a
unique perspective of what a home euthanasia can offer the pet and the family.

I’ve found in private practice that euthanasia appointments are very impersonal and often take place in cold sterile exam rooms. Families are also forced to start the  grieving process in a public setting. In a regular hospital setting, the Doctor on duty often cannot devote 100% of his or her attention to the pet or the family and any  there is no time to offer any bereavement guidance to the family. I’ve often seen pets come to the hospital for euthanasia who have just endured a terrifying car ride and are now faced with being in a hospital where stress or painful procedures may have happened in the past. Hospitals are busy places with other patients coming in and out and many other people waiting and busy staff. My experience has shown me there is a much better way to honor and say goodbye to the family members who have been so loyal and loving to us.

When I come out to a home to help, I am completely focused on the pet and the family. I do everything I can to make this very hard situation just a little bit better for the pet and it’s loved ones. When I come into a home, I have time to meet and spend time with the pet and also focus on the pet parents and what they are going through. The whole process is very gentle. The pet gets to be at home surrounded by familiarity and love. Sometimes owners will give treats before the sedation, or have a special toy their to comfort their beloved pet. My appointments are also very flexible. I try to tailor each experience for the pet and family. Some families choose to say goodbye under a tree outside, some families invite their friends over to send their pet off with good wishes, and still others choose to curl up with their pet on the sofa and spend the last few minutes together as they have spent most of their lives. I feel honored to have been there for my clients who have let me into their families and if I can be of any assistance to you, please call, if only just to talk.  I available for veterinary house calls in Raleigh, Cary, Durham and Chapel Hill and all the places in-between.