The Psychology of Grieving for your Pet by Drew Elliot

A very good friend of mine, Drew Eillot, recently interviewed me for an article he wrote, “The Psychology of Grieving for Your Pet.”  I was honored that he reached out to me for this very helpful article.  I have posted a link below to the story in the Holly Springs Sun.  I have experienced pet loss myself and I find it very important to be able to have an ongoing dialogue with others about the loss.  The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement hosts chats that can be a helpful way to connect with others who are experiencing the same feelings that you are.  I have posted a link to the chat room information below as well.  Azure

Link to Drew’s Story, The Psychology of Grieving for your Pet

Link to the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement chat room info


Lucky 1998-2014

Into the arms of Our Creator you went,

you were always my “Lucky” star heaven sent.

I cherish our time we spent together,

no one could have loved you better.

It will take time to heal –

for the grief to fade away,

but I will miss you everyday.

You were such a wonderful part of

our family and a faithful friend,

always so constant, loyal and true.

Until we meet again …

I will forever love you.

Peyton 2005-2012

I will never forget the day in 2005 when I brought Peyton home for the first time.  He was only nine weeks old and was so unbelievably cute!  It was like having a baby – he needed constant attention, which wasn’t hard to give as I fell in love with him immediately.  Everyone else fell in love with him, too… he was the sweetest dog in the world.  All he ever wanted to do was play, eat, snuggle, and received as many belly scratches as possible.  🙂

Peyton and I spent seven wonderful years together until the time came for him to no longer be in pain.  For months I woke up every morning hoping that the meds would work and that his pain would diminish, but it just wasn’t in the cards for my little buddy.  I am comforted that the last new friend he made in this world was Dr. Holland, who he took to immediately.

Enjoy Rainbow Bridge, buddy… mama loves you.

5 tips to memorialize your pet

I thought I would share 5 tips that I have found helpful with pet loss and to memorialize your pet.

1.  Start a new daily ritual.  Take your favorite photo of your pet and put it beside your bed.  Say hello each morning.

2. Take an object that you can relate to your pet with you each day.  Place collar tags on your key chain or wear a cremains pendant near your heart.

3. Make a keepsake.  You can write a poem or make a scrapbook.  Carve your pet’s name into a garden stone.

4. Give back.  Make a donation in your pet’s name to your local SPCA or your other favorite pet cause.

5.  Plant a memorial garden.  Plant a new tree or create a memorial garden in your pet’s name.


Bruno 2005-2010

Bruno, our Boxer was such an amazing dog. He was the first dog I have ever owned. I remember seeing him for the first time when he was just 8 weeks old. He wiggled his little Boxer nub and instantly became my companion. Bruno was my sidekick. He was there for me through my first major break up, to finding a career, living on my own to finding the man of my dreams. Bruno took care of me. Bruno unfortunately at 5 years of age was diagnosed with cancer, T-cell lymphoma. Chemotherapy was useless with this type of cancer. My world shattered. I didnt want to lose him in my life. I kept him comfortable as the cancer progressed. I slowly saw my sweet puppy look older and sick. It broke my heart. Three months after his diagnosis, I decided to let him go before he lost his dignity. My husband and I invited all those close to Bruno and who loved him dearly. Everyone came to our house and said their goodbyes to my sweet boy. It was so comforting to have everyone at our house and with Bruno in his favoritve place in our livingroom. We let him go and it was so peaceful. My husband whispered in Bruno’s ear before he passed and told Bruno “I will take care of mommy now, thanks Buddy for being there for her before I met her.” I will always cherish my sweet boy. I am so grateful to have our last moments with Bruno at our home. Nicole and Aldo